How to do keyword research in 2024

We are well into 2024 and AI is infiltrating every aspect of our business (how do we feel about that? Has it settled in?). INK is an AI Content Assistant tool I came across that can help you with your marketing and SEO!

First, what is SEO?

Optimizing your website for search engines and when you do it right you are higher on search engines/ page 1 of Google.

You know you need to use SEO to help your biz, but have no idea how…

Keyword research is the first step in optimizing your site for search engines. Using INK’s AI tool to search for keywords can speed up your process. (Side note- I hate paying for things so I just used the free trial).

Also you don’t want to be busting your butt adding keyword phrases to your website that you will never rank for. INK will tell you if it is worth your time (side note, INK is just what I decided to use – there are a million other tools like it).

Once you figure out what keyword phrases you can ACTUALLY rank for, you will add it to your website copy, page titles, and meta descriptions of each page.

I want to be first on search results with my new site

You’re going to have to pay if you have a keyword phrase that is super popular (like Seattle Photographer). Either get more niche (like Seattle light and airy photographer) or be willing to fork up some money.

Other website owners have been around for 10 years using that keyword phrase, have backlinks, etc. and they are going to rank ahead of you for a long time. So be realistic with your keyword phrases. Go after the term that really explains what you do and then eventually you may rank for the higher competition terms.

Want a different tool? Check out this keyword research video using SEM Rush

3 elements of a good keyword phrase:

  1. SD – SEO Difficulty – how hard is it to rank for that keyword phrase? You want it to be between 15-30
  2. Volume – you want a low-ish SD, but a high volume (you want people to actually be searching for it)
  3. Make sure it is a phrase YOUR IDEAL CLIENT is searching for (not just any old person)

Watch the tutorial

I got my phrase, now what?

  1. Add it to the meta data under SEO settings (title and description – Google may not use that just as a heads up)
  2. Add the optimized keyword – more keywords (for example Washington website designer – SEO expert)
  3. Optimize what you write ON THE PAGE as well with keyword phrases
  4. Use variations or related terms to your main search phrase in the copy of the blog or page
  5. Submit your new site to Google Search Console (crawl your page) so they know your new content exists – you can do that HERE anytime you make new content (you can crawl just the new page, but only do this once)
  6. INTERNAL LINKING! So they have something to do next (related posts or link to your testimonials, about page, etc.) This will lower your bounce rate.

Watch next

STEAL MY SEO STRATEGY so you can start ranking on page 1 of Google using SEM Rush

Nail your keyword research in 2024 and boost your ranking in search engine results

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