How to make organic SEO do the hard work for you by adding Alt Tags

Bekah, how do I make organic SEO do the hard work so I don’t have to constantly promote myself?

This is a question I get asked fairly frequently.

If you want to get ALL my tips on this topic, just listen to one of the many podcast I’ve been on about SEO. However, if you’re looking for just one, easy-to-implement step right now, ALT TAGS it is!

Are you wondering what are alt tags, how do you PROPERLY use them, and how can they help you? READ ON!

How to add alt tags to squarespace and showit

If you still feel confused about how to write alt tags after this, go to @mollyburkeofficial’s profile. At the bottom of every post she has #accessibility and explains the image. This is what your alt tag description should be (but a bit more condensed to 1 sentence)

If you are someone who needs more direction, the Squarespace SEO course may be a good fit!

What makes your SEO course different than others?

I will lead you step-by-step and give you actionable tips so you actually make time and implement it on your website!

If you are a visual learner, like I am, this will be a great resource for you as I will show you how it is done on the backend of a Squarespace site. 

This is a process that many find daunting because of the time and information you would need to gather to do it correctly. I will lay it all out for you and if you can set aside a total of 2 hours you will have the SEO DONE ON YOUR SITE! You too will be able to achieve the same end result that I have on my site and my clients’ sites – popping up on Google


  • Search “pasadena universalist church” a site I designed is the FIRST to pop up! 
  • Type in “honduras nonprofit orphanage” the organization R.O.O.M I donate 10% of my proceeds to and helped develop their site pops up.
  • Search “jackson wy wedding photographer” and you’ll see my client Jamye!)


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