How to check your metrics monthly as an entrepreneur

I know a lot of people like to check their metrics weekly, but if I get around to it once a month, that’s a win. What do I do during this check-in? I check my finances/ make sure I paid myself and everything is lining up, I analyze what worked and what didn’t work the month prior, and I write down my monthly stats!

I analyzed the past 2 months because:

  1. I didn’t do it for April (having grace on myself)
  2. May kinda sucked (financially) for my business, so analyzing April as well made me feel better (just being honest)

What didn’t work

For April & May 2022

  • Not selling course in April 
  • Not selling TLP sale promotion 
  • Didn’t hit profit goal for May

What worked really well

  • Plenty of time with Sam and Eliza
  • My bliss/ personal time: running, keep doing it! 

Big wins

  • 3 website in a days in April
  • Purchased a new phone

Assess facts and feelings: 

TIME – I got a lot of time with my daughter which was needed

MONEY – made what I needed for April, but not May

DREAMS – I am living them = more time with my daughter to be a SAHM

Monthly Resolutions – something small you commit to do everyday to break or add habit – For the next few months I want to feel at peace and relaxed (especially being in this postpartum phase and going off anxiety meds). I will do this by:

  • Exercising
  • Reading FUN books
  • Less Instagram
  • Porch hangs in the morning

Monthly analytic tracker

Email metrics:

Beginning of April – 721 to 705 (because of launch)

Beginning of May – 705 to 697


APRIL: Day Rate = $3,000, Social media = $550, Courses = $340

MAY: Day Rate = $825, Social media = $550

Google Search Console check-in:

First of all, if you want to know how to track your GOOGLE ANALYTICS, watch this video. Now on to Google Search Console (if you want to know my secret to success and how to improve your ranking with search console, watch this).

APRIL: 2.71k clicks, 206k total impressions

  • Top queries: 1. canva video geschwindigkeit 2. website in a day 3. how to speed up video in canva
  • Top Pages: 1. Canva animation blog, 2. 4 tricks to canva 3. Change SS header text

MAY: 2.29k clicks, 200k total impressions

  • Top queries: 1. website in a day 2. canva video geschwindigkeit  3. Canva speed up video 5. Gifts for clients
  • Top Pages: 1. Canva animation blog, 2. 4 tricks to canva 3. Change SS header text


APRIL: 5.1k views, +19 subscribers

Top vids- HOW TO IMPORT PHOTOS TO YOUR PRODUCTS ON SHOPIFY 2. How to Change Squarespace Header, Text & More in Site Styles 3. How To Make your Pinterest Video Pin Graphic Longer on Canva

Monthly Goals

These are my monthly goals for the next few months (June and July). I put a check next to them if I accomplished the goals!

Pray about where to donate ✔️

Read 1 book that just brings me pure joy (not a work-related book) ✔️

Read Psalms 

Grow Strawberries/ keep flowers alive ✔️

Grow my email list by 25 (get to 725) Promote freebie on Pinterest?, Optimize videos that are doing well on YouTube to get email subs

Plan summer trips ✔️

Schedule tech-free day

Weekly Goals

Plan weekly mileage but only do it if enjoy it for that day ✔️

Love on one friend (bring them coffee, schedule a wine porch hang, etc.)

Do 1 “soul care” thing each week (bath, draw, paint)

Plan 1 date with Sam (get creative) ✔️

Daily Goals

Pray daily 


Chug a glass of water when I wake up + 1 more during the day ✔️

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