Using Instagram Stories to Market Your Real Estate Practice

With each of my real estate clients, I incorporate Instagram Stories. “Why?”, you may ask. How would you like to make the largest purchase/ investment of your life with a salesperson who is rude or insensitive, or a potential liar? By showing that the agent is a real person, with a family, who loves volunteering in the community, we are able to convey the message that they are relatable and trustworthy. So how can you do this? Share your journey! Post about your meetings, your client’s closings, stumbles in your business, sneak peeks of upcoming listings… get REAL with people and they will learn there is so much more to being an agent then getting a a commission.

instagram for real estate

I don’t have time.

This is the most common complaint I hear. 15 minutes per day, a couple times per week, is all it will take to help you develop deeper connection with potential clients.  If even this seems daunting, break it up into morning, afternoon, and evening segments. Post your latte you grabbed at Starbucks on your way to the office to do paperwork for your new client, then show your afternoon giving of the keys to the new homeowners, finally finish your story with you sitting at your kid’s baseball practice.  This will convey that you have a life outside of business while also working hard, but it also causes your story to be at the top of peoples’ Instagram feeds when they refresh their stories.  Instagram stories are becoming far more popular than the Instagram feed, so make sure you keep jumping to the front of the line!

I don’t know what to post.

I talked about this a little bit already, but let’s go a bit more in depth. Get real with your audience. Ask them for advice.  This makes you vulnerable and sympathetic, which will lead to people trusting you with their business. Here are a list of topics you can refer back to when you are in the “I have nothing to post” mode:

  • Rants: This differentiates you from other agents – take a stance in your industry. It is better to divide people than to be in the middle. If you are wishy-washy, you are more forgettable. Don’t let people forget you.  Call the industry out on things you don’t agree with; People who agree with you will rally behind you, allowing you to gain a following.
  • Real stuff: Show what goes on behind the scene.  The Instagram grid is for putting your pretty pictures, stories are the place to get raw.  What are the difficulties in being an agent? This will prevent For Sale By Owners and clear up the air of why sellers are “giving away” 6% of their commission. If they knew everything you did, they would be more than happy to let you have that chunk of change. Are you having your morning coffee and have inspiration? Share it! Just did a great workout? Post what you did.  Burnt your hand making a holiday favorite? Post it to the story. You don’t need to wait until you look perfect, go as you are. All of this will make you more relatable.
  • Your life outside of the business: You have friends and family, SHOW THEM!  Make yourself relatable by showing you do activities outside of working.
  • Your access to things followers don’t have: Having coffee with the CEO? Add it to your stories. Do you know the best Title Company  in town and are making a connections today? Add it. Have access to the MLS? Make that known.
  • Sneak peeks: Everyone likes to think they are the first in the know, so show the home you are about to list.  This will generate interest for when it goes on the market and hopefully sell it sooner.

I need more framework.

Each time you post, follow this framework: setup the story (introduce what you are about to share using your face), share (tip, advice, how-to), call to action (asking followers to send you Direct Message with thoughts or leave poll) THE ALGORITHM LOVES THIS!

Here is an example: Set up – what do you think about buying homes above $400k? Then share homes above $400k.  Then do a poll to see which house they would buy. This way you can see who is ACTUALLY watching your whole story and actively involved/ engaged.

Why is it really that important?

Still haven’t convinced you? People are constantly complaining about the Instagram algorithm saying it is hiding their content. If you appear to be a business, the reality is yes, Instagram WILL hide your content because most people would rather see their friends’ pictures. The trick is to become their friend. Be a person, not a company. You want to build an authentic relationship.

The goal of having a business Instagram is to build a good rapport with your clients (or future clients) so they refer you or come to you when they are ready to buy or sell.  You want to make sure you are staying top-of-mind so when that person is ready they will think of you who, with whom they already have a relationship and trust.

I’m in! What can I do to stand out even more?

Download an app like Unfold or Word swag (or you can create stories on Canva) and make your stories even more interactive and professional. This allows you to intertwine your businesses’ brand and vibe into the stories. If all of this seems way to overwhelming and you would rather use your time to sell houses, I would love to discuss with you how I can help you reflect your brand in a positive way to your audience.

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