August 24, 2018

Free Indoor Workouts for Smokey Spokane

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I’m a runner, through and through.  When the smoke in Spokane got to 260 I still ran despite unhealthy conditions, but once it got up to 374, I had to throw in the towel. I asked some of my Instagram followers for indoor workout suggestions and they did not disappoint! Here are a few I tried this week and they were a GREAT alternative to my 5-10 mile daily run!

1. POPSUGAR Fitness 

I would rather run 13 miles than do this 30-minute butt-and-abs workout.  The first 10 minutes are the most brutal in my opinion and then it gets easier, so just make it through those first 10!  However, I won’t lie to you, my abs were feeling this workout the next 2 days.

2. Shelly Dose

This workout seemed a little bit easier for me than POPSUGAR, but I think that is because it was more cardio and that is all I ever do. However don’t take that to mean it was easy!  I used 12 pound weights and my arms felt like a truck hit them afterwards.  This is a great all-around workout that will work EVERYTHING!

3. Nike Training App

The Nike App is full of great workouts, yoga “classes”, lifting routines, etc. There are over 180 free workouts and you can also personalize the training plan. I used this when I was training for a recent marathon and it was great because they had short workouts that allowed me to get my hour run in and good lifting in under 2 hours. You can select the intensity level as well as choosing beginner, intermediate or advanced which allows you a lot of room for growth.  Best of all? Many workouts are bodyweight only so before you go out and buy an expensive set of weights, this is a great way to start.  Bonus: I liked how the app was set up; It was easy to follow and had a nice design (obviously I had to mention that).

4. 30-Minute Hip-Hop Tabata to Torch Calories

When I went to the PopSugar YouTube page, this was their most viewed video with over 24 MILLION views, so you know I had to try it! I’ll be honest, I only did 2/3 because I was strapped for time and wanted to get some lifting in, but I loved Keaira’s energy and the workout made me sweat a bit, so that’s a win!

Did you try any of the indoor workouts in this blog? If so, let me know what you did and if you liked it!

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