Must-Try Coffee Shops in Spokane to work

Washington is the state of coffee and thankfully for us, there are many cute shops to choose from! As an entrepreneur in Spokane who isn’t a big fan of working from home, I have made it my goal to go to every coffee shop in our city. Here’s the roundup from best to worst (although none are terrible and I should say, I am basing this off ambiance mostly because I like all coffee). Enjoy!

coffee shops in Spokane

(updated June, 2019)

#1 The Mason Jar

okay this isn’t a coffee shop in Spokane, but it is worth the trip to Cheney! Being the only coffee shop (with seating that isn’t Starbucks) in Cheney I was a little worried that it could be substandard and just attract all the college kids, but it proved to me its value in amazing sandwiches, great pastries, and strong coffee drinks. The industrial, chic feel is so fun and anything you eat and/ or drink will live up to the high standards! If you don’t want coffee, try one of their uniquely flavored Italian sodas (I suggest blood orange or prickly pear).

#2 Little Garden Cafe

I thought this place was so cute and had plenty of seating! Their food is also delicious so definitely save some room for that. I like that they have the small, family feel and you can sit out and look at Audubon Park while working.

#3 Vessel Coffee Roasters

I absolutely LOVE Vessel Coffee Roasters for the following reasons: free parking (needed because I am working for multiple hours), lots of room during the week, lots of outlets and tables, you’re surrounded by plants (ummm, yes!) and the coffee is SOOOO GOOD!

#4 Rockwood Bakery

Rockwood Bakery – This is a fun, neighborhood cafe and is heavily trafficked showing it is QUALITY! I had the zucchini bread and it comes HIGHLY suggested! The quiche and granola are also homemade and definitely worth it. I loved how charming the bakery was and the outdoor patio was so wonderful to sit on and enjoy the fall weather! I will say, they do not have Wi-Fi so if you plan on working, you will need to hotspot on your phone and it is also ALWAYS busy which is why it isn’t #1 on the list.

#5 Ladder Coffee & Toast

Seating is a bit limited here (probably because it is always busy), but I love how light and white it is and the ambience is great as well. All the drinks have been delicious and unique! If you are in to bread, I HIGHLY suggest going across the hallway to Glorious Artisan Bakery and trying all their spectacular breads, oils, and balsamic vinaigrettes!

#6 Arctos Coffee & Roasting

Arctos Coffee & Roasting Co. – This is a great place to meet friends or to bring your homework. Arctos offers plenty of space and soft music playing in the background. The coffee is roasted in-house so it never lacks that fresh taste. The big garage doors stream in tons of natural light and when it is warm, they open them up. This place has a great ambiance.

#7 Indaba

best coffee in spokane
Indaba Coffee Roasters

Indaba Coffee Roasters – If you have been in Spokane for any amount of time, you have probably seen or heard about Indaba Coffee. They have multiple locations; the original on West Broadway, one location in the Bennett Blog building on Howard Street, one in Kendall Yards in the same store as Fleet Feet Spokane, the Nettleton location, and the brand new location on Riverside.  If you are trying to decide which to go to, I highly suggest the Nettleton location and trying out the donuts from Hello Sugar in the same building (although there isn’t a lot of seating) ! They also have great toast.

#8 Rocket Market

Rocket Market – Pumpkin muffins, devil’s food fudge cake, rhubarb custard tart, carrot cake, and caramel pecan rolls? Yes, please! So many people have suggested this one so it was one of the first I visited. They have a nice seating area and it is a great spot for lunch as well/ It is a market so it has wine, beer, cheese, and produce, but they also have amazing coffee drinks and pastry items.  

#9 Paper and Cup

Paper and Cup is the sister coffee shop to Chaps (also amazing and highly suggested) in Kendall Yards. Not only is it adorable and serves great coffee, but they also get their amazing baked goods from Chaps! There isn’t a lot of seating room (although outside there is more), but it is super cute with the pink and white subway tile and glass jars filled with goodies.

#10 Atticus Coffee

Atticus Coffee and Gifts – If you are looking for the most popular/ well known coffee shop in Spokane, I would say go to Atticus. There isn’t a lot of seating, however it is a really neat place.  There is exposed brick with a giant mural a quote from “To Kill a Mockingbird”. It is definitely the “hipster” coffee shop and in a great location (Downtown), and is a must-try!

#11 Caffe Capri

Caffé Capri – 2 shots of espresso in 12 ounces, homemade coffee cake, and friendly service are ingredients for success! This coffee shop is a mix of modern and vintage with exposed brick. They have a large seating area outside to enjoy the changing fall colors. I will say, if you need to use the Wifi it isn’t your best option, however if you are just looking for a great cup of joe with some friends, this is an amazing place.

#12 The Shop

spokane coffee shop
The Shop

The Shop has “eclectic-vibes” written ALL over it. Live music, local art, a bright neon “open sign”, ice cream, records, craft beer, and church benches as the seating are all a part of this funky shop. The music is a bit loud so if you are looking to get a lot of work done, it may not be your best bet, but the friendly staff and baked goods made in house definitely make up for it! Check out this chill coffee shop that sources local coffee from Anvil Coffee Roasters.

#13 Spaceman

Spaceman is a funky space. They have a community back room where you can work, but there isn’t a lot of natural light (you may be noticing a trend by now of what I like). It is a fun atmosphere to visit, but I don’t know if I would make it a regular spot.

Up and coming!

Begona Coffee is located in the lobby of downtown’s Bank of America Financial Center. It currently isn’t the cutest place to work and plugins are hard to come by, however they are getting a refresh in the next few months so STAY TUNED! Also I heard there will be another coffee shop opening up in Cheney (I am sure all the EWU students are pleased about this) in the fall. I have high hopes for this one as well!

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