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Where to go to Church in Spokane, Washington

When we arrived in Spokane we knew we wanted to get involved in a church community right away, however with the abundance of churches and church plants it made it very difficult to decide which church to become members of, much less visit. These are 6 churches we went to that we really enjoyed and what was unique about each!

church spokane washingtonRiver’s Edge was planted just a few years ago.  It is biblically sound, smaller, and focuses on being a family. They make an effort to reach out the the refugees in Spokane through BBQs and soccer games in the summer.  It is a very welcoming congregation and you won’t leave without being talked to and acknowledged, which we really enjoyed. Worship is small and intimate with just one guy leading the congregation, but it is powerful.

life center spokaneLife Center – If you want a megachurch, this is the place to go. This is a HUGE church with 4 services that are all packed. There are a lot of resources and groups to get plugged into. The worship is powerful and the band is amazing.  Life Center is very mission-oriented and has made it a mission to plant more foursquare churches around Spokane (although that hasn’t helped decrease their church size much!)

summit spokane Summit is a church plant of Life Center, but has also grown quite large.  There are a good variety of age groups represented. The worship is powerful and meaningful, the messages are insightful, and the cold brew coffee is ON POINT! They have quite a few groups to get plugged into including a foster-care support group, young adults group, divorced group, and more.

serving spokane washingtonTrue Hope Church is held at The Lincoln Center. The pastor is a younger guy who speaks very intensely, but he definitely gets the message across in love. When we were there they had just finished up a HUGE service day in the city called One Heart Spokane.  They sent out many different groups to get involved and help the community including giving away shoes, socks, sweatshirts, hygiene products, haircuts, and more to over 400 kids in the West Central neighborhood.

church community spokaneCommunitas reminded me a lot of River’s Edge. It is a smaller congregation and you feel immediately welcomed by everyone. After the service people stick around to talk and get to know one another. They encourage you to volunteer in the community for organizations such as Cup of Cool Water which is a nonprofit organization in downtown Spokane that walks alongside youth who are homeless.

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