ThriveCart Review 2023 ⚠️ Don’t Buy Until You Read This

Is ThriveCart Right For Your Business?

Wondering why I moved my course from a DIY version on

WordPress/ Showit →TO→ Podia →TO→ ThriveCart?

I give you the complete breakdown (as well as show you how to DIY it if that is what you want to do) in THIS BLOG POST.

Initially I chose Podia for my course platform

As a frugal business owner, I HATE adding a monthly or yearly business expense.

I created a SEO Squarespace course on my website (perks of being a web designer!!) at first, but I got to a point where I wanted to be able to track my students and have automatic emails set up, so after MUCH research (you know me), I decided to go with PODIA to create my next course Squarespace With Confidence (and transferred my SEO Course to it)!

I looked into all of the course platforms… TEACHABLEKAJABITEACHERYTHINKIFIC, and they all have their benefits, but ultimately I didn’t need something as in depth as Kajabi and I wanted a platform that didn’t take a percentage of my sales like Teachable, so I went with Podia.

And then I left Podia…

After using Podia for multiple years, I can confidently say that I LOVED it! However, paying $390 a year just wasn’t worth it for what I was using the course for. I didn’t take advantage of the email marketing side of Podia (I had a Zap connecting a Podia purchase to a Flodesk workflow) and I felt the only reason I was using it was to track the progress of students, but many students weren’t actually marking “complete” on a lesson so it would show 0% progress when they had actually gone through some of the modules.

Why ThriveCart?

1. The main reason I decided to switch over to ThriveCart was beacuse of the one time fee of $495.

2. I can still track my student’s progress, which is important to me (you can’t make a real difference in peoples’ lives if they aren’t going through the course).

3. I can connect my payment processor which is PayPal business (you can also do Stripe,, Apple Pay and Google Pay).

4. It is easy to design on – maybe because I have some design background, but I found it to be very user-friendly in terms of building out the course and creating checkout pages that look branded to my business.

5. Multiple pricing options: ThriveCart has flexible payment models, including subscriptions, trials, and plans. If I decide later on I want to use affiliates, I can upgrade to that.

6. Supports Bump Offers: I sell my Squaresapce With Confidence course and then give a super low, one-time only price for my Squarespace SEO Course. I loved how easy it was to create a bump offer.

7. You can create unlimited courses at no extra fee.

8. I can sell physical products. I don’t foresee ever adding this to my business, but if I do I can choose shipping price, shipping weight, product dimensions, quantities and more on the checkout pages.

💥 If you are interested in using ThriveCart, I have a coupon offer for the lifetime account at one price of $495.

My course creation toolbox 🧰


I tried creating a course ON my website and although it can be done, it is not worth the hassle + you can’t track progress or send emails. After much research I chose Podia as my initial course platform.


If you want creative freedom, Showit is my favorite website design platform! Get a free month (a credit card is required – cancel at any time) & try it out!

Use code bekah at checkout.


I decided to switch over to ThriveCart (the one time fee of $495 sold me – I was paying $390/ year for Podia). I can still track my student’s progress, connect my PayPal, and it is easy to design on.

Yes, with some of these I get a little commission, (with no extra cost to you) but I would recommend all of them regardless!

  1. Edrina says:

    Oh, interesting! I never even thought to research other platforms. Thanks for this helpful info, Bekah!

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