The Best Investment in My Entrepreneur Business

The Best Investment in My Entrepreneur Business

I’m 3 years in to this entrepreneurship thing and have quickly realized that if I want to fast-track growth, I need to invest in myself. You know the saying, if you want to make more you need to spend more. I begrudgingly decided that this is true and started looking for opportunities to grow my business. As someone who over analyzes every single purchase and definitely has some heart issues with money, it was incredibly hard to decide.

If you are ANYTHING like myself, you probably love a little sneak-peek/ creeping inside someone else’s business and figuring out their best purchases, so I thought I’d spill the tea on the BEST INVESTMENT I MADE FOR MY BUSINESS!

First, let’s break down what I have purchased to further my education:

>> $397 (when I purchased it in 2018, it’s now more but still worth what they are charging) Amy and Jordan’s Shooting and Editing Photography course
>> $375 Paige Marie Mastermind (no longer available, but follow her @thelegalpaige)
>> $950 B is For Bonnie Design’s “Brand Strategy School”
>> $200 Hillary Rushford’s course “Creative Business Accelerator” (helped me launch the mastermind, this course was way underpriced and so valuable!)
>> $1800 Kat Schmoyer’s mastermind (helped me with passive income and launching Squarespace With Confidence)

Ok, drumroll please…

For me, the best investment (I would say) was the Paige Marie Mastermind. It was WAYYYY underpriced… But taught SO MUCH GOODNESS for being a starting entrepreneur (I took it at the beginning of 2019 so I was only 6 months into business)!! It also just met me right where I needed it to at that point in my biz.

How can I make the *best* purchase for my business?

After following Paige Marie Photography and seeing it evolve to The Legal Paige I decided her mastermind would be a good option. For me it came down to:

  1. who I admire
  2. who I thought was doing business effectively and
  3. who had received good training from others I admired

Paige is a hard-ass worker and I desire to follow someone who had that type of personality! Beyond that, I knew my business needed more clarity, vision, and purpose and I knew a mastermind format would be great for uncovering that.

Figure out where you are at in your business and what you TRULY need.

In a Mastermind, you are set up with many other individuals who are searching for progress in their business and it is a communal group that helps one another out (with a leader guiding it). The number one phrase I used to describe the Paige Marie Mastermind experience was game-changer. Paige helped me determine what exactly I want to do with my business – she told me my business was all over the place (which it definitely was) and helped me discover my ideal client and hone in on my vision as well as what my special sauce is which is website design!

I feared doing this would make me lose clients but it did quite the opposite; it helped me gain clients, make more money, and book a month out for my website projects!

Figuring out that social media and logo design are not my area of expertise, allowed me the creative freedom to do better in my website design and dedicate more to those clients and serve them better. It also gave me the time to start other things that can help scale my business like a YouTube channel (more on that in a second)

  1. Laci Mottice says:

    I really liked this blog post, Bekah! Thanks for sharing!

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