No Instagram + Business Update

In this video I will chat about where I’m at in my business, what I miss about social media, and how I’m making money without Instagram as my marketing source.

Even though I didn’t see the return on my investment with blogging back in 2018, 5 years later I use it as my main source of getting traffic to my website and clients. This applies to my SEO course, Squarespace With Confidence course, and website clients. I’m currently doing a website in a week for someone from Germany who found me via Google (shout out to optimizing your website for Search Engines).

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What I miss (& don’t) about instagram

I miss the conversation I have with everyone on stories (which is why I created the above video). I don’t miss the addiction side where I scroll for hours everyday.

Personal update & lesson for anyone with a day rate

Thank GOD this client booked me for Website in a week and not a day! On day 1 of our week process I felt super fuzzy. Turns out my daughter and I both had ear infections and my son had pink eye. A home page usually takes me 1.5 hours and 5.5 hours later I was STILL working on it.

* Note to self * consider adding a clause to website in a day contract that we can reschedule if someone gets sick.

Here’s the breakdown of what I will make this month no thanks to social media

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