May Income Report and How Much You Can Charge as a Web Designer

Here is what a day in the life (or rather a week) looks like for a web designer who is 6 years into her business and 12 years into website design. Plus, I give you a breakdown for my income in May 2024.

web designer in a week

My Income Report for May 2024: $7,860

Now before you say “wow you make $7k a month,” just know I made $1,763 in April. And that was BEFORE taxes and expenses 🫠

If you get anything from this income report, I hope it is that every month could look differently (welcome to life as an entrepreneur) and even 6 years in, I still am not booked out months in advance or making the attractive $10k months (and I don’t want to!)

Affiliate Income$160
Client Work$7,550

Main Expenses

I am beyond frugal. I only invest in 1 thing/ big expense a year. I will say, this is NOT the way to fast track your success. My main expenses this month were my assistant who helps with my 1 social media client and transaction fees (BOOO CAN EVERYONE JUST SEND CHECKS?)

How Many Hours I Worked in a Week

Usually I work 2 days a week (and those 2 days my kids are in daycare). This means I average about 15 hours of intentional work. During that time I record videos for my YouTube channel/ blog posts (I wrote 8 this month – I was just in the zone I guess), write emails to my list, create Instagram content, responding to emails, work on my courses, etc.

Here’s the breakdown of how I spend my time per week:

Blogging30 minutes
Discovery Call30 minutes
Email marketing/ SEO strategy30 minutes
Social media1 hour (probably way more)
Free coaching call30 minutes
Course creation/ optimization2.5 hours
Helping past clients (unpaid)30 minutes

However, 2 weeks this month I was blessed to have amazing Website in a Week clients! Although I usually recommend my Website in a Day service, both clients wanted more pages or needed more 1:1 work, so we decided to go with the week design.

Check out the projects below!

Website in a Week

Below you can see the time I spent on these two websites. Usually Website in a Weeks take me 10-20 hours total.

The main software & tools I use to run my business

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  1. Lauren Brackman says:

    Love seeing those pie charts of our time breakdowns!

    • Rebekah Read says:

      Yes me too!! I find it interesting to see other entrepreneurs, so I thought I would share mine.

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