How to Choose the Right Color for Your Website

Did you know that color psychology plays a significant role in website design? 

The colors you choose for your website can evoke specific emotions and influence how visitors perceive your brand. From calming blues to vibrant yellows, each color has its own unique impact on the viewer.

Here’s a rough overview of some popular brand colors:


If you want to portray kindness, joy, creativity, intellect and energy in your business branding, yellow may be a good choice! A past client of mine wanted people to feel WELCOMED when landing on her website, while also feeling excited about a topic that intimidates a lot of new business owners – copywriting.

She infused yellow not only in her branding, but also in her photos… BRILLIANT!


If your brand is all about growth or health, adding a shade of green is a great choice. Green represents balance, hope, freshness, and life.


For all my calming businesses, add blue to your palette! Blue shows you are reliable, honest, relaxed, and sophisticated.


We all know that pink represents femininity and romance, but it can also evoke compassion, playfulness, warmth, and intuition. Check out Kat’s website! Kat Schmoyer is an integrator for entrepreneurs who also has an agency that creates Facebook and Instagram ads, and helps with launch strategy and project management for creative small business owners.


I love myself a good shade of orange! Orange yells positivity, adventure, confidence, warmth, spontaneity, and creativity.

How do you use color effectively in your website design to create a memorable and impactful online presence? WATCH THIS FREE TRAINING!

In the meantime, check out some color palettes below for inspiration!

Color Palettes

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