Bennett’s First Birthday Party – Cabin Themed

99.9% of my blog posts are website or SEO related, but first birthday parties need to be remembered and celebrated!

If you missed it, here was our daughter’s first bday party!

Bennett was born on Memorial Day and I spent every Memorial Day growing up going to our extended family cabin and putting in the docks. I wanted to have his birthday party be a nod to how much our cabins mean to my husband and I (Bennett’s middle name is an ode to the town nearby Sam’s cabin).

The Inspo

Honestly, this birthday party embodies the indecisiveness of this season of motherhood. It was a mixture of cabin (fishing and sailing) and camping. And in true postpartum fog, I spelled my son’s name incorrectly on the letter board. You win some, you loose some.

Thanks for the pics Hannah LaBolle! So grateful for you.

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