How To Edit A Squarespace 7.0 (Brine Family) Website

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If you are still using Squarespace 7.0, you are hopefully using a template in the Brine family (it allows for more flexibility and customization) and if so you probably have INDEX PAGES as the way you are creating your pages.

Using index pages allows you to create sections to your page. A great way to separate those sections is by having backgrounds that are different colors (watch the END of the video below to learn how).

In this video I go into index pages as well as basic edits to make in Squarespace 7.0. Plus in just 7 minutes, you can learn how to design on Squarespace!


I mentioned in the video about BACKGROUND IMAGES for sections of your index page. You can just create a canvas on Canva and have it all be one color (then export as a png and upload it as the banner image) or you can have an actual image like I had with the yellow scarf.

>> The best image size is 500 KB or less (according to Squarespace)

>> In Canva, I use full-width images that are 2500 px wide by 1500 px and I also compress my images using (Go to Canva > Create a design > Custom Size > add in the dimensions)

>> The main reason to do this? Slow load time for images will annoy your viewer + negatively affect your SEO


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