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Quarter 1 Review

If you head over to Pinterest and type in “entrepreneur income report” you are inundated with “$12,000/ month!”, “November I made $140,000”, I’m here to give you a more relatable income report.

*PLEASE NOTE* if you’re not “here” yet, THAT’S OKAY! This took me 4 years of building my business, honing my skills, and creating passive income sources to get to this monthly revenue. You’re doing a GREAT JOB right where you’re at!

Quarter 1 was my most successful quarter yet! (And it has nothing to do with money)⁠

If you are wanting to make money online, but also have BALANCE in your business, I think you’ll like this blog.

Check out my Q1 income report with stats below (including my expenses because there is nothing more frustrating than seeing “I made a 10k month” but then realizing they spent 8k in Facebook ads, outsourcing, etc.)!

It all started with maternity leave…

My 3 month maternity leave ended up extending into January due to a necessary c-section and recovery, so this income report is really just 2 months.

I’ve always been hesitant to do one of these quarter reports/ small business finance reports, because I never want someone to compare where they are at to where I am, but I also know the benefit of getting a peek into someone’s business so here it is:

Total income = $2,520.33Total income = $7,876.25Total income = $4,844.00
Total Expenses = $655.95Total Expenses = $124.87Total Expenses = $143.24

My goal is to make about $2,500 a month and was surprised and elated to surpass that every month. I was able to focus 95% of my time on my daughter by having website in a day be my main service and trying to get 2 a month. Of course I work more than just 2 days a month (hello Instagram and maintaining my business), but I truly felt I had a great balance and am so happy I could be there for all the little milestones of my daughter’s first 6 months.

A Look Into Quarter 2

So what are the plans for Rebekah Read Creative in Quarter 2? Maintain!


Honestly this type of blog makes me very uncomfortable, but if you enjoy quarter reports for finances, I’m happy to report my income as a small business entrepreneur to you! Let me know!

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