How To Connect A Namecheap Domain To Squarespace

No matter how many times I try to connect a domain name I purchased at Namecheap to Squarespace, every time I forget how to do it.

If you’d rather just follow an article, here is a great one Squarespace provides, but I know sometimes it is just easier to follow a video tutorial. Don’t worry friend, I’ve got you!

Something to note: This is assuming you want to KEEP your domain name through Namecheap and not fully transfer it over to Squarespace to be managed in Squarespace (Squarespace recommends transferring it over just connecting it because then everything is done in their platform).

Check out the video tutorial to learn how it is done!

How to make an outside domain go to specific Squarespace page:

If you want to connect a domain to a specific Squarespace page, you will need to use a forwarding preset. Unfortunately you can’t just point a domain or subdomain to a specific page on a Squarespace site because CNAMEs can’t point to a URL containing a /, like “”

Here is how you can use a forwarding preset to direct visitors to the page.

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