Pregnancy Must Haves For First Trimester

Yes, I’m a website designer. No, I’m not a pregnancy guru. BUT as someone who lives a very athletic life, runs a full-time entrepreneur business, and is frugal TO THE MAX, I thought this post could come in handy for some first-time mamas trying their best.

Without further ado, here are my top 10 items (or resources) I purchased in the first trimester. You ready?!

1. The Mama Natural Week by Week Pregnancy Book

This is now my GO TO RECOMMENDATION for all first time moms. Even if you aren’t interested in a natural childbirth, it breaks down week by week what you and baby are going through, has recipes, and lots of tips. It is a great book to break down ALL THE THINGS we need to learn pre-baby and makes it way less intimidating!

2. Stretch mark cream

I use a combination of this body oil gel and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter DAILY to reduce stretch marks. Both products are very inexpensive and my friend swears by the combination! I used these for both my pregnancies and has no stretch marks (could be hereditary).

3. Lululemon leggings

Okay I will be honest, I would never spend money on Lululemon leggings but I am now in my third trimester and these are still working great! The waistband is super loose which helps a ton. They are also fairly thin which as someone who is prone to sweating, is an added benefit. (I have the Wunder Under Full Length tight from 2019 in size 4 — I am usually a size small).

4. 64 oz Motivational water bottle

Okay I know I said the Mama Natural book was my best purchase, but this water bottle actually may be! My husband made fun of me for spending $18 on a water bottle when we have plenty at home, but it is imperative that you drink a lot of water during pregnancy and as an enneagram 3, I needed that extra encouragement and motivation!

5. Nursing bras

If you’re anything like me, your boobs were the first to pop. So I went ahead and bought THESE NURSING BRAS (Auden brand) from Target for maternity in a size up so I wasn’t uncomfortable for the next 9 months and it has proven to be a wise choice. I got my normal bra size.

My second pregnancy I bought THESE BRAS and they are EVEN BETTER. Okay, hear me out. These are called the Barely Zero Bras and it is a one-size-fits-all situation. I got the Spaghetti Strap Wireless Bra and it is SO COMFY and fit from pregnancy to nursing to going back down 2 cup sizes. How do I become an affiliate? #sponsorme

6. Prayer journal “Waiting in Wonder”

I love journaling, but even if you don’t I have found this to be a fairly easy journal to do a few times a week (there is actually 4 prompts a week, so I would do about 2 a week with baby #1 and now do 2 a week with baby #2). It is a week by week journal and gives you prayer prompts in accordance with the development of your baby.

7. Birthing ball

I waited until second trimester to purchase this and I wish I hadn’t. Does anyone else have terrible posture? I believe terrible posture was a huge component to my round ligament pain I experienced in the first trimester. This not only helps with that but also by swaying side to side you can prep for birth! Win-Win! This is especially great to have behind your WFH desk!

8. Bump-friendly dress

I bought this dress from Nordstrom Rack for my monthly bump photos and LOVE IT! That being said there is a similar one on Amazon that is a heck of a lot cheaper (wish I would have known) so I would probably go with that.

9. Magnesium supplement

Magnesium (specifically this powder mix – Natural Vitality Calm – tastes delicious) has helped me with my round ligament pain. I also found it super helpful in my third trimester when I started getting leg cramps at night!

10. Free exercises from great resources

Although this isn’t an item I purchased, it is a pregnancy must have! I have been so incredibly lucky this pregnancy to have exhaustion and round ligament pain be my only issues first trimester!

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I did a ton of research on Round Ligament Pain and running in the beginning and was surprised to find limited articles for how common it is. These exercises (below) were super helpful to keeping me active! Although I am so bad at anything related to injury prevention or cross training, I tried to do these at least once a week (you can watch a video of me doing them on my running insta account).

Some things I would do without

I think the first pregnancy thing I bought was a pregnancy pillow. Want to know how many times I used it throughout my entire pregnancy? Maybe 3. I preferred just using a throw pillow between my legs as I laid on my side.

I got the Bump Box subscription and although it is fun, it is definitely a lot of things I don’t need as a minimalist. I also purchased a pilates ring since I read it could help with Round Ligament Pain and as an alternative to kegels. I have used it all of maybe three times.

What’s on my registry?

I registered at Amazon (none of this is sponsored BTW) and got a free box of goodies by doing so! You can check out what I deemed necessary for baby girl’s arrival on my registry!

I hope you found this blog post helpful! Do you like posts like this (that deviate from my usual website design or SEO tips?) If so, let me know via an Instagram message! This was a fun one for me to write at the very least!

*All opinions are my own and I am not a medical professional.*

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