How to change the template on Squarespace

Are you getting that annoying “couldn’t find your site content” message when you switch templates on Squarespace? You’re not alone!

In this video I am going to teach you how to properly switch templates and what to do when the copy doesn’t transfer correctly and looks all funny.

First things first – before I make any changes to my website, go into the site styles and write down the styles that you want to keep, so whether it’s the fonts, colors, etc. – write it down because those will all change when you upload a new template.

How do you change your site template?

Go to the design panel and then click template and then you can install a new template or you can click preview and it will pull everything in and without changing the live template. Sometimes it’ll work really well and sometimes it will not and you will get an error message.

I got the error message

If you are getting the error message the first thing to check is to make sure that you have a home page set. To do this, go back to pages and then scroll down and make sure that you have a little house next to your home page. If you don’t, you can go to settings and set it as your home page.

My site looks completely different now than the template

Sometimes the templates aren’t able to convert correctly, so what you need to do is go into your own website and if you look on your left hand side under not linked you’ll see that the pages that are similar to the template were created. They all have demo content so you will need to replace it and then create it to look like so how you want it to.

How you do that is you create an index and look at the templates index and copy that on your end. Continue to drag the pages that are created in the not link section up to your linked section under index.


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How to change the template in squarespace

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