5 Website Tips for every Accountant

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About three years ago I made a commitment to myself that I was going to start an Accounting and Bookkeeping business with an online component. I had zero clue as to how I would pull this off, but I knew since that was the direction I was heading I would start making steps toward that goal. After crossing off a few vital things on my list to becoming an entrepreneur, I made choosing a name and setting up a website my next priorities. I knew just HOW important this tiny factor would be, and I knew that it had huge potential for my online business.

5 Website Tips for every Accountant

You may be at the beginning of your entrepreneur journey or maybe you’ve gone so far as to register the online domain and start developing the website and then you get to the blank website page and have no idea what to do. I’ve been there, I get it. It is hard to figure out what are the most important aspects of a website and if you should even be spending your precious time doing each of things or just hire a copywriter or awesome web developer (like Bekah) to help you.  You know you have the expertise and experience to back you, but you are wondering what kind of online presence you should have. You know that the majority of people are looking online to see what types of Accountants there are, but you have no idea how to make those eyes turn into paying customers. After going through a web and brand design myself, I learned a lot, so I put together my top 5 items of what you need to have on your website.

1. Services Offered

The absolute first thing potential clients are looking for when navigating over to your website is specifically what services you are offering. They are looking for something very specific, so you also need to be very specific in what you are offering. If you are a tax accountant, make sure that is very clear so there are no questions about it. If you are only doing bookkeeping, highlight what types of businesses you serve and how your expertise will help them in their business.

2. About me

When a future client is thinking about pulling the trigger into hiring you, they’ll want to know some basics about the person behind the business. This is YOUR time to shine. Highlight some top accomplishments that have brought you to where you are today!  Highlight your expertise. Also, make sure you show what is unique about yourself. But, most of all, make sure you are writing this geared toward someone in your target market. Here’s my video if you’re looking for some inspo!

3. A place to inquire for more information

One of the things I saw early on is that a virtual tax firm had a Calendly link on their emails. I realized this was not only brilliant, but made it a heck of a lot easier for my clients as well as me managing my calendar. I merged my calendar with the Calendly link and embedded it into my website and BAM! Not only is a place that I can direct potential clients, but it also helps with my SEO. #winwin

4. Blog posts

When someone is navigating over to your website, they need to see what type of person you are – and one of the ways you can accomplish this is by writing blog posts to show your expertise. I can’t stress this enough. Nine times out of ten you will be explaining something in your blog post that the client needs – but, they won’t be driven to do it themselves they will be driven to hire YOU to take care of the task at hand. All because you wrote a blog post about it.

5. Testimonials

Potential clients want to hear from other people about you. If the testimonials are super specific, that is EVEN BETTER. I heard on a recent podcast that when a client of yours tells you thank you – that’s the moment you can come in and politely ask for a testimonial.
Let me know if this has been helpful for you! You can find me hanging out over on instagram @accountbyedrina.

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