Easily create and integrate beautiful booking pages using Dotcal

As a website designer, it is important to stay up to date about new CRM’S, email marketing platforms, and other integration tools my clients may use.

One new integration I found is Dotcal — it’s kind of like Flodesk for beautiful booking pages. The first thing that drew me to Dotcal was their logo (branding works, y’all). It is simple, yet high-end and caused me to pause and want to learn more.

I personally do everything through my website (create landing pages) and Dubsado for all the “extras” for my business (contact forms, schedulers, etc.), but I work with a lot of new entrepreneurs who want a booking service like this integrated onto their website and they want it to be EASY to use but also align with their branding; this is where Dotcal comes in!

What is a personalized booking page?

I am all about skipping the back-and-forth of emails for figuring out a time to schedule a call. If you need to schedule meetings, appointments, demos, video chats, or catch-up calls, Dotcal does that. It is perfect for small business owners like designers, recruiters, salespeople, bloggers, artists, attorneys, hair stylists, customer support specialists, life coaches, agency owners, educators, you get the drill.

Show me the backend!

Check out the backend of this user-friendly scheduler! You can design landing pages for clients to book with you and generate a link so people can book with you, or you can create the design of the scheduler, get an embed code, and put it on your website.

In this video I will show you how to design a “15-minute meeting” and then integrate it onto a Showit website!


You can try it for FREE FIRST! If you decide you want to create more than 1 booking page, get 50% off their service for the first six months using my link! That makes it just $4 a month.

*this is an affiliate link, but I never share anything I don’t stand behind.

You can also use promo code


for 50% off Dotcal Pro features for 6 months.

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