Do you really need a website in 2024?

Please don’t rely on just social media for your business…

We all know we don’t own it, so why are we investing so much time on it?

I think some people want the dopamine hit of Instagram likes, some people think it is easier, and some want the FREE option. Is this you?

I don’t blame you! But a website is what will allow you to:

1. Stay relevant

2. Show your authority and legitimacy

3. Start gaining clients without having to post multiple times a week (YEAH FOR SEO)

4. You own it (unlike social media) so it won’t disappear in an instant

5. Give a better user experience resulting in better conversions

Read blog post about The Truth About Squarespace SEO (does it really suck?)

Scroll through to see how EASY developing a website can really be! 

Let’s make it our goal in 2024 to focus on something that will LAST, is yours, and is the equivalent of an online business card in this digital age.

I’ve seen many business owners invest multiple thousands in their FIRST website. I have also seen many businesses change in the first 5 years of their business. DON’T DO THIS!

This is why I created a course to teach YOU how to design and edit YOUR website

Your website doesn’t need to be perfect to launch…

It doesn’t need to be perfect, just get started so people can:

1. Start finding you via search engines

2. Start trusting you as a reputable resource

how often should you redesign your website?

The general rule of thumb is every 2-3 years (however you should be updating it quite a bit more than that – think pricing changes, portfolio changes, etc.). Businesses change and evolve, ESPECIALLY new businesses. If you got your website when you were first starting out, GREAT! But most likely who you serve or what you do has changed slightly. It was still worth it to invest that money (although hopefully you didn’t invest TOO much) to get your online home into the World to look professional and start ranking for SEO, but it is probably time for a little glam update.

If you’re part of the 40ish % of small businesses that don’t have a website, let’s change that. And if your website sucks and needs to be redone, let’s change that too. No one wants an outdated site amirite?


I’d rather do it myself first and spend $0

If I have convinced you it’s important to refresh your website (or get one into the world), but you have no money to spend, grab this freebie. I designed it with 3 other gals and we go over

  • Copywriting tips
  • Branding your business
  • Website quick tips
  • SEO
website bootcamp workbook

If you’re like, great… now I feel even more overwhelmed. 

I have tons of FREE WEBSITE DESIGNING TIPS on the blog.

If you’ve started your website and need some FREE help – join our Facebook community of over 750 web designers & SHOWIT & SQUARESPACE users and ask away! People are so helpful in that group.

If you’re ready to LEVEL UP:

☑ Take my DIY your website with strategy course

☑ Implement SEO the right way with my SEO course (price raising in February)

☑ Book me for “Website in a day” and we can either crank through all your updates or start a website from scratch

Wishing you the best on your website design journey this year!

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