I can’t believe I’m sharing this…

I’ve always been someone to share the biz AND personal side. That’s what you’ll get here. Someone who is doing their best to navigate intertwining their business into their life as their life constantly changes.

Although my life dynamic is changing and what my business does slightly changes, I am still who I am. And that is what’s so effective about portraying the core of your brand well.


2023 was HARD.

But I refuse to declare defeat over this season.

Hello anxiety… I didn’t miss you.

A combination of no sleep for 7 months (up multiple hours a night with a colicky baby), my first period in 3 years (hello hormones), and a constant state of clenched chest & shortness of breath (postpartum anxiety), led to me on my in-law’s laundry room floor.

It was a physical reaction, but it came from a place of mental and emotional exhaustion. 

I felt anxious in my body. At 7 months, I finally got the diagnosis of “Postpartum anxiety”. I honestly thought I could handle anything postpartum threw me since I had been dealing (pretty well if I do say so) with anxiety for, well my whole life, but diagnosed 13 years.

Yet I received SO MUCH grace from my husband to me as I struggled.

There were glimmers of good amidst the internal hard which helps me acknowledge God’s blessings and grace. It helps me remember it wasn’t all hard.


> Had a VBAC
> Flew alone with 2 littles
> Spent 2 nights away from my kiddos getting filled up with community & Jesus (for the first time in 2.5 years)
> Swallowed my pride & accepted help from family & friends

I have hope for 2024. Hope for calm. Hope for travel. Hope for healing. Hope for boundaries. Hope for victory. And hope for rest for my tired and stressed soul.

My Business Owner lessons

All that to say, I learned a lot.

Navigating 2 under 2, running a business, and trying to figure out why your baby is in pain, isn’t an easy feat, but I’m proud of us for pushing through. With the immense support of friends.

2023 was a year of GROWTH. I’m praying 2024 is a year of PEACE (and rest).

I tried staying home full time with a baby and running a business and it just didn’t work…

When Eliza was 1 we started daycare once a week. I was able to sustain my business and retain my sanity, but now with 2 littles I have decided I want to actually GROW my business.

That means daycare twice a week and nap time hustle the other days.

It’s not pretty. It’s really hard. And simultaneously, very rewarding.

What questions do you have about running a business while staying with the kids at home?

2024 goals ⤵️

As an enneagram 3, self-proclaimed master goal setter, I usually have about 8 goals for the year (one for each category of life – faith, business, family, health, etc.)

But as I expectantly, yet tiredly step into 2024, I know 8 goals won’t serve me well. So this year we’ve got 3 personal goals:

  1. Monthly dates with each family member (more specifically Eliza and Sam)
  2. Self-care by weekly therapy and running 3 times a week
  3. Find church community (can be a Bible study group, not necessarily a building)

I’ll reassess in Q2 and see if I want to add to these, but as of now we are keeping it easy and attainable.

Here are my business goals:

  1. Daycare 2 times a week and make $45k before taxes
  2. Start getting paid on YouTube (need more watch hours)
  3. Invest in myself (potentially monthly mastermind, Showit Spark conference, or YouTube training)

How are you stepping into the new year? Full throttle or just a few simple goals?

  1. Kelly Van Dyke says:

    You got this girl! God is in control and you can rest easy, knowing he has a plan for you! You got this!

    • Rebekah Read says:

      Thank you Kelly. I so appreciate your words. I know God as a plan and it is just a season. It is just hard when you’re in it, but that is what I keep reminding myself!

  2. Postpartum anxiety and depression are NOT EASY. I struggled with both after my first was born. I’m sending internet hugs and cheers your way- I’m glad that you’re getting the help and support you need. And congrats on the VBAC! Preparing for that is almost a full-time job in itself, too. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I’m about to go back to work after my second maternity leave, and I’m nervous! But I know I can make it work for me

    • Rebekah Read says:

      Kelsie, thank you for the kind words and reaching out! Wishing you all the best in your return to work! I followed you on Instagram ◡̈ Excited to connect and support one another.

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