8 Pre-Launch Website Strategies

It is currently November 16, 2022 and although I am not a big Taylor Swift fan (don’t hate me), yesterday I felt like everyone was either mad at Ticketmaster or filled with joy that they would be attending a concert in the next year. What can we learn from Taylor Swift? THAT WOMAN KNOWS HOW TO LAUNCH!

In this video, we will learn how to make a pre-launch strategy so you can have a successful website launch.

The goal is to BUILD BUZ around your website launch prior to it happening. Here’s some ways to do so:

  1. Name your tribe – All the Swifties were posting about T Swift yesterday. If you are a wedding photographer look at Katelyn James. Her KJ brides ADORE her. If she were to announce a sale on her elopement packages, I bet all past brides would post about this. They are doing affiliate marketing for her without her having to do any work.
  2. Serve your people prior with content related to your website. BLOGGING IS NOT DEAD! If you have a website and are launching a new site, make sure you are blogging about content related to whatever your new site will be about. If you don’t have a website, post content on your social media platform of choice with tips and tricks related to your industry.
  3. Build your email list with a freebie! Highest conversion rate (people purchasing a course you launch, etc.) is through email. So your email subscribers are more likely to check out your new Squarespace or Showit website than your Instagram followers.
  4. Acknowledge the pain points of the client or objections they may have to show that you are a leader in the industry/ has valuable information.
  5. Set goals and metrics for your website launch – How many people do you want to reach out on your contact form? If you have connected Google Analytics, how many viewers do you want on your homepage on day 1? How many new email subscribers do you want to get? This will show if your website is actually converting.
  6. IG story graphics – I create 90% of my Instagram graphics on Canva (it is super easy and they have templates). You can say something like “new website launching in 3 days” or a scrolling website video to give them a preview.
  7. Host a series of workshops or a live training on Instagram. A lot of people aren’t doing them right now so when someone does them that you follow, you notice! And then you can give them a direct CTA to head over to the website.
  8. Make sure you have your website SEO all figured out! Make sure the title description and meta description is updated. This will show your professionalism (as well as start to get you traction on search engines).

WANT MORE SEO TIPS? Watch this video about how to implement SEO onto your Showit website!

Want to build your email list? I suggest Flodesk. If you want 50% off use code BEKAH or click this link.

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