How To Photograph Branded Content & Create The Perfect Flatlay For Your Instagram

A branded flatly can do so much for your website and instagram. In this video I will take you behind the scenes on how I take photos for a brand for their Instagram. This really helps break up their feed with photos of their faces to photos that are branded flatlys. Check out the YouTube video below to learn…

1. How I create the flatly board backdrop (and get the annoying bubbles out of the contact paper)

2. What products I put in my flatlays

3. How I style the board

4. How I edit the flatly photo on Lightroom and VSCO

If you’re new here my name is Bekah with Rebekah Read Creative and I help solopreneurs design the website and Instagram of their dreams. If that’s something you’re interested in hit subscribe, I post a new video every Wednesday.

Step number one – go shopping

Not a bad step! Go to Target and hit up the dollar section and pick up some things that really match your brand’s color scheme as well as your style. Something to be aware of is to find something that you can use as a backdrop. I just bought fabric and marble contact paper and I will show you exactly what I did to make that my backdrop.

What did I pick up?

I got some letters so if I want to use any verbiage I can do that. I do website design and logo designs so using colored pencils and paint shows the design side of my business. Notebooks are always great. I’m big on travel so I found one of my favorite books about traveling. And then tea, because coffee and tea are how we run this business.

The backdrop

To create my backdrop I bought a cardboard thing and then marble contact paper on Amazon and glued it on and taped it on the side. Once you have your board it’s time to start styling!

How to style items for Instagram

I usually put my first item out and then start putting things around. You don’t want it to look too perfect and remember if you’re able to use things that are in your brand colors try to do so!

How to edit the photo

Once you took the photo of your flatlay near a window, it is time to edit. First I upload the photo to Lightroom (the Lightroom app is free) and then I lighten the photo. To do this I push my shadows slider up and then I always up my exposure, as well as the contrast a little bit. You can then go over a few tabs and correct your white balance with the eyedropper tool (if your background was perfectly white). From there I go in to share photos and I then share it into Vsco and I use the a6 filter at 4.

If this blog/video was helpful please let me know so I know what content you prefer to see and I would love it if you shared any photos on Instagram make sure to tag me @rebekahreadcreative so I can see what you’re doing!

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