How to Find Specific Real Estate Hashtags for your Market

If you are a Spokane realtor, you know the hashtag #spokanedoesntsuck is a great one to use because it is one of the most-frequently used hashtags related to this town. To truly get the MOST out of your Instagram hashtags, you need to do a little bit of research. Here are some ways to find hashtags relevant to your market that will help up level your social media game in a saturated market.

find real estate hashtags

1. Use autofill

#realestate is extremely broad. You can add it to your list, but unless you have a high-performing post, no one will see it. Type a hashtag that is specific to your market into the search and let it autofill with a more specific one.

2. What is your ideal client/ buyer using?

This goes back to the #spokanedoesntsuck hashtag. Look at what your client and/or local businesses have used in the past.  Those small businesses are owned by someone who will probably sel their home at some point!

3. Check out what your competitors are using

You know the agents that are KILLING IT on Instagram in your area. See what they are using and base some of your hashtags on their experience!You can see how well a certain list performs, so if you want to get really analytical you can try to figure out the BEST hashtag list for your area (but still make sure to switch it up!)

4. Use the explore tab

If someone’s content made it on to the explore tab, they must be doing something right by Instagram standards! If you follow a lot of realtors you will probably have a lot of other realtors show up, so look into what hashtags (and content) they are posting!

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