How to Create Events on Squarespace & Set up Payments

I was recently asked on the YouTube channel “I want to create multiple events in Squarespace and sell digital tickets. For digital tickets and calendar I will integrate a 3rd party software. Do you happen to know which Squarespace plan should I pick to start for this project? Is it commerce or business? Are tickets considered as digital products?”

This reminded me of one of my most popular YouTube videos at 6.3k views. Since it was created 4 years ago, it needed an UPDATE!

In this video I am going to show you how to create events and sell them on Squarespace. I will walk you through exactly how to set up those payments as well as promote the class or workshop so it can get the attention it deserves.

Squarespace Plan needed

To sell tickets on Squarespace, you can use the digital downloads feature. Create your event page, add ticket products, set options, and connect a payment processor. After that, you can publish your event and manage ticket sales via your Squarespace dashboard. You should only need the Business plan, but then you will have a 3% transaction fee. So it may be worth it to do the commerce plan.

Outline of the steps

  1. Create a page where all your events will be hosted (+ PRODUCT) Name it “sign up for a class” or whatever it will be
  2. Add the class by going to the + and clicking SERVICE and enter in the name of the class as well as any descriptions as well as the cost of the class (Stock = how many people can attend the class, unlimited if relevant)
  3. If multiple different date, click + and add “Date” and then enter the date and click + so it copies that information and that will allow variables
  4. Upload an image
  5. They can select the date of the class and add it to their cart. If you have a cart button near the menu, there will be a 1 next to the cart and they can click it to view what they are purchasing
  6. Create a LANDING PAGE (+ and add a new page) and add a button at the bottom of the page. Title it “sign up for class” and the click through URL will go to page -> Product page (Sign up for class)
  7. If you want to add more dates for the class, go to pricing and variants and add new dates to the event.
  8. Add a calendar by scrolling to not linked, + EVENT, and then you can copy the info you already wrote down into the event (don’t forget to upload an image under options for a thumbnail image), then go back to content + icon and add product and search for the product (make sure that they can add it to the cart)
  9. Now if you go to wherever your calendar is located, you will see the events
  10. You can’t repeat events so you have to go in every week and copy the event and change the date


{Are you using the older version of Squarespace? Watch “How to create events on Squarespace 7.0 & set up payments”}

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