Does Instagram Really Pay You For Reels?

The past 2 years I have taken a biz sabbatical in December that includes not getting on Instagram.

And then Insta got the best of me.

I got a notification that they would PAY ME to do reels, so you know I had to test the theory.

Well, since I was suppose to be on a break, I combined the challenge with such and created reels related to vacationing with a baby! If you need some reel ideas, feel free to steal the topic ideas below!

Check out the reels

Reel 1 – Thank you for supporting my small biz/ Pregnancy announcement!

Reel 2 – Correcting a misconception

Reel 3 – Featuring my craft (website design)

Reel 4 – Top 5 tips

Reel 5 – Support system as an entrepreneur

Reel 6 – Tips for traveling with a baby

Did Instagram really pay you?

So now for the big question – did I get paid. I sure did!

  1. It SAID I need to make at least $100 before you get a payout (and I only made $50 so I need to wait for another offer/ experience/ to be eligible for a bonus to do this) BUT I got the payout anyway! So who knows with Meta…
  2. *NOTE* They pay out on the 21st of the following month – so it took until 2023 for me to get the money to Paypal

Want more Marketing tips?

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