What I Love About Being a Web Designer

When I started off this little business (Rebekah Read Creative that is), I did all the things: website design on 3 platforms, graphic design, social media management, and logo designs. A year and a half in and I have finally niched down to JUST website design and I am here to tell you all the reasons I love what I do!

1. I get to show others the beauty of managing their own little spot on the web

You read that right! I’m a designer, not a developer, so when I create a client’s site I use minimal coding and easy-to-manage platforms like Squarespace and Showit. I get the opportunity to debunk the fears of maintaining a website and show my client (in just 1 hour) how to properly manage their site! After teaching all my stuffed animals math and reading, I am excited to put my hard-earned teaching experience into practice!

2. I can release my travel bug (or just head up to the cabin for 3 weeks in the summer)

I’d love to say that I take a month sabbatical yearly, but I’m not quite there yet. I do, however, travel with my Leonbordoodle (don’t Google it, it’s not a thing) and handsome husband to our cabins in Minnesota and when I do I take on very few clients so I can be completely free to enjoy our families. That may mean having to take on more work in September, but it is so worth it! As much as part of me loved the consistent income of being a social media manager, I love even more not being on call and saying “buhbye” for a bit.

3. I am not completely clueless when it comes to how much I will be making

Since I book clients out a month or two in advance, I have a general idea how much I will be making. Many people living in the online world are reliant on how many clients or customers they get that month, but I am able to guesstimate what I’ll make a couple months out, based on the price of my websites and how many clients I have booked out.

4. I choose my hours

As someone who puts in 60-80 miles a week running, I like to be able to choose what time I run (aka not the wee hours of the morning and not when it is dark). If it is raining I can hold off my run for an hour or if a friend wants to grab lunch I can plan around that. This has been one of the biggest blessings in owning an online business.

All of this isn’t to brag, but to humbly remind you that if you aren’t following your passion, there are other options. I may not be making as much as the sweet friend next to me, but I am overjoyed with what I can bring to the table and the freedom this job allows. What’s stopping you, friend?!

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