Where to grab breakfast in Spokane, Washington

When I first moved to Spokane I wanted to try EVERYTHING! Unfortunately (or fortunately I guess) Spokane surpassed my expectations and has far more churches, restaurants, and coffee shops than I could ever visit, so I went on the hunt to seek out recommendations.  I hope my findings help you as you are settling in to your new home!

This blog will focus on my favorite meal of the day, breakfast.

Spokane has no shortage of amazing breakfast joints! Here are some popular and some not so popular spots that are definitely worth trying!

Chaps – I am going to declare this the best breakfast in town. The food is delicious and hearty, there is plenty of space, the bakery makes AMAZING goods on which we can snack, and the coffee is fresh, making it an all-around wonderful experience. The ambiance and vintage décor is also very fun!

The Yards Bruncheon – I went here on MLK day so it was super crowded and a 25 minute wait, after enjoying my meal I understood why! I tried the huckleberry pancakes and they were good and unique! Honestly, my favorite part of the experience was the 50’s diner ambiance and the location (Kendall Yards).

Frank’s Diner –  this is probably the most well-known breakfast spot in Spokane. It is housed in an old train diner car with wooden booths. I loved the history of the restaurant, the service was great (although there is always a wait) and my food was excellent, so I would call it a win!

Clark’s Fork – I was bummed when I left Bozeman, Montana knowing I wouldn’t get this great, lime green joint, but I was thrilled to drive past their second location the first week I was here. This restaurant features great breakfast options and if you are looking to grab hearty sandwiches or house-made soups for lunch, it is also a wonderful spot. It is DEFINITELY worth checking out!

Boots Bakery & Lounge – So this isn’t quite a breakfast place, but it needs to be featured just for their gluten-free/ vegan pumpkin spice waffle with homemade Chai Butter. In terms of hearty breakfast meals, that is about all they have, but they also have great bakery items and a ton of different cold salads/ bean dishes that would make a quick and delicious lunch!

Other suggestions I haven’t tried yet, but intend to:

The Bruncheonette – 347 reviews

Old European – 872 Google reviews

Petit Chat Bakery – 200 Google reviews

Benes in Cheney – 4.8 stars and 199 reviews

Knights Diner (also in train car) – 241 Google reviews

Have you been to any of these spots?

If so, send me a message and let me know what your favorite thing was about them (and what you ordered)! I would love to add it to the blog!

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