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Can we just talk about how much I love working with small businesses and entrepreneurs all over the United States on their website designs? It legitimately gives me so much joy to see their vision (or lack thereof) and personality come alive on their site.

Whether they come to me knowing exactly what they want or not, I bring them through my brand strategy process that helps me pinpoint more than just their ideal client, but the exact keywords I need to be marketing, best color choices, etc.  Here are some of my latest projects that I have been simply google-eyed over!

Freelance copywriter’s website

Kelsey may be based in windy and cold Chicago, but you wouldn’t know with her vibrant color palette and carefree style. Kelsey is a travel blogger, foodie, and inquisitive investigator which sets her up perfectly to write articles related to food, travel and lifestyle for New York Times, SHAPE, Wine Enthusiast, and more. Her home page of her Squarespace site directed the user journey whether you wanted her for corporate work or freelance and then the “blog” page was used to show her ever-growing portfolio. It was a joy to design this boss-babe’s website!

Church’s website

This website was no small feat! We began the project in July and just now are finishing it up (note, this is not normal, I can have your site done in 2 weeks). Their original website had 40+ pages (yes, you read that right) and needed to be condensed to provide a better user-journey as well as highlight the most important aspects of the church. We worked hard to develop a brand that showcased the Pasadena, tree-filled landscape and colors while brining in their rich beliefs of community and inclusion of all. I would describe the style of this church’s website as rich and bold but also earthy and modern. Take a peek and let me know what you think!

Dance instructor’s website

Dance Ecology was started by a female entrepreneur who wanted to combine her passion for the environment and environmental systems with dance and movement of the body. She is a local Spokane resident, so we were able to discuss over coffee her website dreams and goals. This Squarespace website needed the functionalities that made it easy for people to sign up for her classes, but also the beauty in the design to take them along on a journey through movement, health, and wellness. She wanted more than just a website, she wanted an experience, and in the end we definitely achieved that!

Which site is your favorite? Meet me over on Instagram and let me know which represents your style most!

Dance instructor’s website

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