What Are Past Website Clients Saying About Me?

I’m going to be honest with y’all. 100% of the time before you make a big investment you should read up on the reviews. I have had some past clients post the sweetest of Reviews on my Facebook and Google page, but I decided to ask them some more direct questions. Here’s a snippet from some of my interviews!

What Are Past Website Clients Saying About Me?

1. Where were you at with your website before you hired Bekah?

I hated my old WordPress site… it had been hacked and I could figure out anything so I deleted it… or thought I did. It was a mess, I had started another drag and drop one from Bludomain but it was a pain for customer service too AND it was slowww and had no SEO. Rebekah pointed me towards Squarespace I started designing. When I got stuck with that I hired her to finish it up.  – Loni Judisch (lonijudisch.com)

2. Why did you decide to work with RRC out of all the other amazing designers out there?

Because once you talk with her and see how nice, easy spirited and fast she is in her biz, there’s no need to looks elsewhere. She’s an amazing customer service gal… doing things and fixing issues same day!! I will use her whenever I get stuck or too busy to do me website stuff. – Loni Judisch (lonijudisch.com)

3. What was it like to work with RRC? (Was it an easy and seamless process? What could be improved?)

I have worked with RRC over the last couple of years. Rebekah is easy to work with, helps me think and talk through concerns and gives good advice. She is accommodation and flexible.

4. What is something that stuck out to you about the way Bekah worked with you?

I keep coming back to work with RRC because Bekah is nice and easy to work with. She’s supportive and I like that she constantly learning to stay on top of the latest changes in the industry.

5. What motivated you to look for a new website design?

I was working with a mentor and he suggested updating my site. It had been a few years and I needed an update. I was just going to change my logo and font and call it good but decided to redo my whole site. I am really happy that I did. Bekah was great and quickly worked on the feedback she was very patient as I worked through the details and vision.

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