It’s Launch Day!

If you know me, you know it is my heart to serve so if I am being honest I was SUPER nervous about this launch. I wanted to celebrate my first year in business by showcasing something that I discovered about myself and my business, but also serving YOU! After a whole lot of crossing-off of ideas, I came up with an idea I feel embodies both (drum roll please) – –

25% off my website package

I began my business 1 year ago on July 1st, 2018. I left my corporate job to pursue a passion I had – serving others. Yes, that truly was why I started this business. I wanted a business where I could call the shots about where my time and energy went, where I could combine my passion for foster care and orphan advocacy with my talents, and where I could full-heartedly serve MY clients (not my boss’s).

The first 9 months of my business were me dipping my toes in a little bit of everything, while keeping my eyes on the end goal. I tried logo design, website design, social media, and photography. I am pretty sure coaching crossed my mind at one point as well. After working with a mentor and being a part of a Mastermind, I realized my passion was in website design, and from there I went running.

first year as entrepreneur

I dove headfirst into the deep end, pursuing my ideal clients and figuring out a system where I could have my end goal of service at the forefront. I worked hard with an accountant and my husband (aka my financial advisor) to figure out a price point that would still attract my ideal client (nonprofits and small businesses) while allowing me to give 10% of the proceeds to go to the organization that ignited my passion – Reach Out Orphanage Ministries, and producing enough of a profit to support my family and be able to fly home EVERY TIME instead of driving (truly, that would be a dream come true 😂).

Uffda (my Minnesotan is coming out) that was a lot! If you are interested in learning about this promotion (you have to book in the next 2 weeks) just shoot me a direct message on Instagram, send me an email, or learn more at! I can’t wait to hear from you, my sweet friend, and thank you for supporting me this past year! ♥️

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