How I Curate My Instagram Feed

My trick is fairly simple – LATER (no, this is not sponsored, however if they would like to sponsor me, I wouldn’t be mad…) Later is an app that allows you to arrange your photos so they look good in the “grid” as well as create captions and schedule the post for the date and time you want it to go out.  Here are some things I love about Later:

curate instagram feed

Visual Content Calendar

The content calendar is easy to use and allows me to schedule all my Instagram posts  for the week in one day

Plan Your Feed with Drag & Drop

Growing up, I loved to Scrapbook, this is like the adult, business version of scrapbooking for me! I am able to preview my feed before it posts to create the aesthetic I am going for (bonus points if you can tell me what that is!)

Beautiful Instagram Feed

Schedule to Instagram

I have always used the notification feature. It is super easy and sends me a push notification to post at the specific time/ day I assigned.  Apparently Later just came up with an auto publish option if you have a business profile (by “just” I mean like today), so I will definitely be trying that!

Later Curate Instagram

The only disadvantages to Later (I have found) is that 1. it doesn’t let you edit the photos in the app (stay tuned for a blog about how I edit my photos!) and 2. it only works if you are on wifi/ data.  However, both of these things a small problems for me that I can usually get around and be fine!  I have found the desktop version to be very helpful in organizing the photos and preparing everything.  It also makes uploading photos from your computer a lot easier.

Later Instagram Scheduling small business

There is a rumor that Instagram has/ will come out with an update that allows you to schedule posts in the app (like Facebook), but until it does this as well as allows me to rearrange photos, I will stick with Later.  What apps do you use to curate your perfect Instagram feed?

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