I would love to help your business get more web traffic while maintaining a beautiful design!

Whether you are looking for a Squarespace, Showit, or WordPress site, I can help you decide which will be best for you - and then create it for you from scratch.

You're ready for a website that shares your heartfelt work and leaves you feeling fulfilled

You're ready to share the human behind your beautiful brand, but you struggle figuring out how to do that without giving away your whole heart and soul.

You have a story to tell and a gift to share with the World and simply need assistance in sharing that and portraying it in a cohesive manner.

You want to showcase your spirit (not just your work) through your website and leave the process not feeling creatively drained, but more fulfilled.

You're over the DIY route and want to devote your time to serving YOUR IDEAL clients!

My goal is to be your biggest cheerleader as we craft your heartfelt brand.

The Experience

Homepage sent


First brand discovery call


Schedule a complimentary consult call 


Create Pinterest board/ send templates you like


First brand discovery call


Moodboard created


Website draft #1


Website draft #2


Final draft


Implement SEO


Pop the bubbly! Site launched!



I will help you create a cohesive website that is polished and consistent throughout.

Sometimes you are too embarrassed to hand out your business card or website because the quality doesn’t reflect the quality you deliver. 

Nothing wrong with doing it yourself in the beginning, but as you get further along in your career you need to update your branding to reflect where you are at! Let me help you make a brand that reflects your personality, values, and tells a story in a strategic manner. 

Your branding is outdated or too DIY. 

Maybe you know what keywords are but you are lost after that? I’ve been creating websites since 2013 and have seen the evolution of SEO. I know how to register your site with Google, tag your photos, figure out the best keywords and put them in the right spots, etc. so you can focus on your business. p.s. just want help with SEO? Check out this Squarespace SEO course. 

SEO, SE… what?! 

Some people may have time to waste, but NOT you! I’m here to help you from start to finish. I can do it all or just help with the areas on which you’re stuck. I will tailor a package just for you!

I’ve wasted time trying to figure out my template.

Whether you are trying to find a host or simply which platform to use, I know the ins and outs of Showit, Squarespace, and WordPress. I will help you choose which is best for YOU and your business!

I’ve tried for a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out WHERE to host my website.

Hey Girl! Thanks for stopping by! Does this sound like you?

I'VE GOT A PROCESS FOR THAT! Let’s work together to pinpoint your ideal client and what they want to see. I have a document that will walk you through easy-to-answer questions that will help me figure out your ideal client and perfect keywords. From there, it is on me to design something that will catch their attention and cause them to fill out an inquiry form!

You aren’t getting the right type of client. 

Services that include my signature brand development process and a custom website begin at $3,200

Brand development with strategy and a stunning design, will help you feel comfortable raising your rates and finally charging your worth.

This investment will help you find your ideal client + create lasting results.


1. Grab coffee (virtually)
2. Make it official (pay the retainer)
3. Delve into the heart (we'll figure out your brand's mission, values, ideal client, and more)
4. I design the site (keeping you updated and receiving your deliverables along the way)
5. Time to toast (launch your website)

The process

Lauren Trotter

"Rebekah was amazing to work with! I did a website in a day with her and I would highly recommend this! She takes time to come up with brand colors, fonts, and a design that you love! We were in contact throughout the entire day. She was there to provide her ideas, give me feedback, and answer every question that I had. Then at the end of the day we had a call to go over all the aspects of my website and how to work it. She has even been able to answer emails of questions thats I’ve had afterwards. If you’re looking to revamp your website or even redo it entirely, I highly suggest reaching out to Rebekah! Not only is she super talented, but she is a gem of a person!!"

Jaimee Troyer

"A HUGE thank you to Bekah, of Rebekah Read Creative, for designing my website and my logo. I could not have envisioned this without her expertise and for helping me define what Gena in General is to me, my Gig. That’s a story in itself, how this came about."

Kelsey McHugh

"Deciding on Bekah to create our site was a wonderful decision.. She not only created a website that clearly stated our mission and passion for helping neglected girls in Honduras, but she also walked us through every step and was very clear in her process and then teaching us how to update it. Thanks Bekah!"

Danielle Fowler

"Rebekah is quite knowledgeable in all things social and website. She is always quick to answer and offer advice. Spokane is lucky to have her. I highly recommend her services!"

Gena in general

"Rebekah is great at what she does! She designed my business website and exceeded my expectations. I have seen a large increase in traffic to my business website since she redesigned it for me. She is very easy to work with, quick to respond, and listens to what you are wanting. I would recommend Rebekah for any of your web design needs."

Sam Adler

“LOVE MY WEBSITE. My experience working with Bekah was super easy and I love that I have all my courses in one spot now!”

Carol Dockrey

“I feel confident, not only in the aesthetics and workability of my website now, but I also feel confident in my ability to keep it updated and useable. Bekah was super easy to work with, attentive to my needs and ramblings, and able to get the job done with ease.”

Love notes from past clients

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Helping creative entrepreneurs pair beautiful brand design with an intentional website strategy so they can book more clients and make more money doing what they love!