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Hello and Welcome – I’m so happy you are here!

Let’s work together to create effective copy and design a stunning and polished website that helps you book more clients!

Are you at your wits end with this whole website design process and ready to throw in the towel? Girl, I hear you! Whether you are half way done or too scared to get started, we all know the importance of having a little spot on the internet world for yourself and I am here to come alongside you! Want to know more about me? I am

passionate about deep convos and helping amazing brands.

If you’ve hung out with me at all on Instagram, you know I’m a big fan of sweatshirts, pony tails, and leggings — with a reheated hot cup of coffee in one hand and tossing my pup her toy in the other hand.

Side note — if you are also obsessed with fluffy dogs, we may become best friends and not just “co-workers”.

Here’s a little more about me! My business name is deceiving, as I much prefer Bekah. I am an entrepreneur, go-getter, chocolate-lover, marathoner, puppy-mom, and ice cream-addict! I love meeting people and helping my clients achieve brand awareness and more traffic through their social media and stunning websites.

Although there are a lot of things I love about my business, my heart really is to serve.  I am so thankful for AMAZING clients who allow me into their small businesses, and for giving me the opportunity to serve them in creating content they LOVE.

Create. Give. Repeat.

But here is the REALLY EXCITING thing – by working with me, you are not only helping yourself but also non-profits in Honduras! When I was first creating my business model I wanted to have a “1-for-1” model similar to that used by Toms shoes. When you buy a website package, I create a website for a nonprofit in Honduras; If you buy a social media subscription, I manage the social media of a local small business for free. But after really evaluating that I realized it just wasn’t feasible (anyone else wishing for more hours in the day?), so I just do my best with the time I have to serve nonprofits with the talents the Lord has given me.

Currently that means working on a new website for www.abbapadreinternational.com (an amazing organization that fosters children in Honduras as well as advocates with the local child placement agency for the welfare of children) and Project Talitha Cumi (a girls’ home in Honduras). I love what I do and am so thankful for the clients who provide me with the means to do this!

Thank you for joining me on the journey to change our communities!

When I’m not being creative, you can find me…

Traveling the world. Playing board games with my husband. Running around town. Taking copious amounts of photos of my dog. Finding the best coffee shops around Spokane.

  • I met my Husband on our Cross Country team in college.
  • After every run below 45° (which is a lot in Washington) I end the run with white fingers. #Raynaudsforlife
  • I need to have a fan on while sleeping. Thankfully after marriage, I found out that my husband and I share that idiosyncrasy!
  • I grew up in Minnesota, went to college in Iowa, and then was a missionary in Honduras for a year and a half where I fostered a baby for 4.5 months.
  • “Pitch Perfect” is my favorite movie of all time, right up there with “Pearl Harbor” and “Top Gun”.

Likes:  Costco grapes (if you’ve had them, I’m sure you can relate), mountains, Culver’s Custard malt with m&ms (Midwest is Best), and my mom’s ginger martini.

Dislikes:  Minneapolis traffic, people budging, my phone dying after 6 hours EVERY DAY, accounting mumbo-jumbo, and being hot (just ask my friends who lived in Honduras with me).

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