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Skip the hassle, get this easy to use Squarespace website template! You can use this as a sales page or for a freebie of yours!

Landing Page

Squarespace website template

• Step-by-step video showing you how to implement this "template" onto your Squarespace website.

• A blog post all about the importance of landing pages and how to create a landing page that *actually* converts!

• Follow-up emails with some of my most popular blog posts and tips to grow your entrepreneur business.

What's included in this template?

Just follow the steps in the video to start capturing leads for your business! Easily add it to your existing Squarespace website and customize it to match your brand.


Great question! There are a few different ways...

How do Squarespace templates work?

1. The designer installs the demo content into your website or creates a new website and then transfers ownership to you. Then you go in and add your own content and branding. This is popular for paid Squarespace templates. Here is a video by GoLive HQ that explains the process.

2. The designer does a mini-masterclass that explains to you how to create the design on your website and gives you the brand assets/ Canva templates so you can replicate their design.

I decided to go with option 2 since some of you will have Squarespace 7.0 and some will have 7.1. I will teach you how to create this design on your 7.1 website, but by following the steps you should be able to achieve it on 7.0 too!